Website Design and Optimization

User Oriented Website Design 

Do you plan to have a website or already have a website for your business?

At our priority for your business is to deliver User-oriented web design that giving more attractive appearance and mobile friendly for your visitors. We define User-oriented web design as a website that having less bounce rate (rate of total visitors that leave a page on your website too early).

How user-oriented website can improve your business appearance online? 

If your website having higher bouncing rate, means its appearance, content, speed and other technical specifications and settings has not fulfilled visitors expectation and that’s why less visitors returning back to your website. 

Here are digital services we offer to improve your business website with more attractive appearance ; 

Domain registration, hosting service, email and SSL setup, CMS installation (WordPress), responsive theme, informative content creation, digital funnel development for your business lead generation (sales funnel & email marketing), website administration and periodic maintenance.


Attractive Content Creation 

What makes website content more attractive to visitors? 

Visitors will be more attractive to relevant informative content of text, images or videos that presenting with detail explanatory and easy to understand. Current trends recorded that website with image content of infographic having more visitors because it helps to quickly explain information in details. 

At, we recommend more infographic images and videos in between text of your business web page or blogs. This will help visitors easy to consume information more efficiently in less time. As a bonus, we will include a Google Adsense account that enables you to generate additional income in long term from each advertisements that being clicked by your visitors in your website pages.

Web Analytics and Improvement Plan 

Why do we implement Website Analytics by Google and continuously improve your business website ? 

Advantages of running Google Analytics are easy for us to monitor on what type of visitors most visited on your business website, keep track on top page visited, regularly improve on less visited pages and identify the most attractive visitors’ traffic sources (such as social media, search engine, email). 

Data gathered from this Google Analytics will be helpful to optimize your business website then easily to be found by visitors using Google Search Engine (be the top rank in search result).

Search Engine Optimization and Voice Search Optimization 

Did you ever wonder why your website difficult to rank on top first page of google search result nowadays ? 

This could probably due to your website not been setup properly to meet the standard of ‘SEO friendly website’ (mostly for new website or a website not been updated for long time) and always keep in mind that each year Google will keep changing on search algorithm for better user experience that will bring huge impact on your website SEO performance. 

Since the introduction of Google Voice Search it is now become most popular among internet users due to its simplicity of usage, where speaking is faster than typing on Google Search Engine.

At, we put this as top priority where Voice Search Optimization or lets shortened it as ‘VSO’, become a must implemented digital strategy on your business website. 

 Lets make your business been found online via VSO.


Get More Visitors to Your Website !